Creating simple mehndi designs has never been easier with our list of 121 simple mehndi designs! All you need are a few lines and dots, and you’re ready to go with this stunning look. Try out this classic design in the color that complements your wardrobe the most, whether it’s blue, green, yellow, red or black. The possibilities are endless with these simple mehndi designs!

Simple Mehndi Designs
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How about an easy-peasy mehndi design for your next party? Don’t want to get too fancy with it, but still want to make your hands look gorgeous? Then this simple mehndi design on hand might be just what you’re looking for!

121 Simple Mehndi Designs Easy

This simple and easy-to-follow mehndi design on hand is comprised of all the basic motifs that have been traditionally used in making a simple mehndi design; namely, the leaf pattern, the bud pattern, and the flower pattern. So take a look at our top 121 simple mehndi designs for 2022 and get inspired!

1) Half Moon simple mehndi designs

The half moon is a simple mehndi design that can be made even more beautiful by adding a few simple motifs. This design is perfect for those who want to add a bit of color to their hands without going overboard. This simple mehndi design comprises all the basic motifs that have been traditionally used for making a simple mehndi design.

2) Spiral simple mehndi designs

Spirals are one of the most popular motifs used in mehndi designs. They can be simple or complex, and they can be used to fill in large areas or small spaces. Spirals are also a good choice for those who want a design that is easy to cover up with clothing.

3) Full Moon simple mehndi designs

There’s something about a full moon that just feels magical. Maybe it’s the way the light shines off the clouds, or how the world seems to be bathed in a silver glow. Whatever the reason, full moons are simply breathtaking.

4) Kaftan Border simple mehndi designs

A kaftan border is a traditional motif used in mehndi designs. It is simple, yet beautiful and can be easily done at home. This design is perfect for those who want to keep their mehndi designs simple and elegant.

To create a kaftan border, start by drawing a straight line down the center of your hand. Then, on either side of the line, draw two parallel lines. Next, fill in the space between the lines with small dots or shapes.

5) Lock simple mehndi designs

Do you want simple mehndi design easy and beautiful images for your next big event? From front hand to back hand, we’ve got you covered. Plus, these designs are perfect for beginners!

6) Single Star simple mehndi designs

1. Draw a small circle in the center of your palm. This will be the base for the star design.

2. Make five small dots around the circle. These will be the points of the star.

3. Connect the dots to form a pentagon shape.

4. Now, starting from the top point, start drawing lines towards each of the other points. Fill in the spaces as you go along.

7) Double Stars simple mehndi designs

There’s nothing quite like a simple mehndi design to give you that easy and beautiful look. And with so many stunning designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for a simple mehndi design for your front hand or a more intricate design for your back hand, we’ve got you covered.

8) Snake & Scale Design Easy

This simple mehndi design is perfect for those who want to experiment with different designs but are not sure where to start. The snake and scale design is easy to apply and looks beautiful on both the front and back of the hand. Plus, it’s a great design for beginners who want to try something new but aren’t ready to commit to a more complicated design.

9) Easy Mehndi Design

Looking for simple mehndi design easy and beautiful images? We’ve got you covered! From front hand to back hand, we’ve got a design for everyone. Plus, all of our designs are easy to recreate at home. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

10) Jewellery Mehndi Design Easy

This simple mehndi design is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a formal event or a casual get-together. It’s also great for beginners, as it uses only basic motifs. Plus, it can be easily adapted to fit any size or shape of hand. To make this design, simply start with a small dot in the center of your palm and then add smaller dots around it. Then, connect the dots with curved lines to create the basic flower shape.

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